Mar.Get DUNS Registered™ Certificate

Mar.Boehringer Ingelheim’s Grass Roots Initiative Award


Dec.Third Prize-2021 Microsoft The Making of IoT Hackers

Dec.MetaLite 3D digital pathology image analysis software product launch

Nov.The 20th Business Startup Award-MOEA

Nov.Gold Award-Entrepreneur Warrior Competition

Oct.Future Technology Award-MOST

Aug.Set up in Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park

Jul.Recruited by Asia America Multi-Technology Association

Apr.Publication in AACR2021-3D pathology imaging for lung cancer PD-L1 diagnosis

Mar.Publication in FOM2021-3D pathology imaging for breast cancer 3D immunoscoring

Mar.Publication in USCAP2021-3D pathology imaging for prostate cancer morphology diagnosis

Mar.Pre-A run fundraising completed

Feb.Tumor 3D pathology image AI analysis module completed


Nov.Final 8-Beyond BioMed Accelerator Competition

Oct.3D pathology image cloud computation platform prototype completed

Jul.MetaLite 3D pathology image analysis software prototype completed

Apr.Publication in Drug Delivery-Detection of drug penetration in lung cancer spheroids using JelloX 3D imaging technology

Mar.High speed intellent scanner JelloScope prototype completed

Jan.JX ACE 3D pathology image analysis product launch


Dec.Academic Entrepreneur Pioneer Award-MOST

Nov.Final 10-Deep Tech Challenge

Nov.IAPS Award

Oct.Edge computer prototype completed

Jul.Set up at NTHU Innovative Incubation Center

Jun.Angel fundraising completed

Apr.Star of Future Investment-MOST iCANiCAN


Dec.Gold award-MOE Biotech Innovative Startup Competition

Nov.JelloX Biotech Inc. startup with seed fundraising


Jul.Startup team building-MOST valuation creation project