Dah-Tsyr Chang
Dah-Tsyr Chang

PhD, Chemistry, Johns Hopkins Univ., USA
BS, Chemistry, National Taiwan Univ., Taiwan

30 yrs experience in biotechnology development in protein engineering and glycoscience
Professor & Director, NTHU Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Director, NTHU Division of Intellectual Property and Technology Licensing
Committee member of industry innovation platform project, MOEA Industrial Development Bureau

Dr. Margaret Dah-Tsyr Chang has established professional career in NTHU with special focus on protein engineering and glycoscience research for more than 30 years, leading to publications of >110 papers and invention patents.

About 70% of her graduate students are inspired to devote career development in biotech industry. She has strengthened industry-academic collaboration mechanism at NTHU, coordinated biomedical innovative entrepreneur cultivation project sponsored by MOE and reviewed technology development projects sponsored by Industrial Development Bureau of MOEA. She served as co-PI for value creation project sponsored by MOST and raised fund to spin off JelloX Biotech Inc. playing major roles in strategic plan, marketing, and public relationship.