Jing-Jing Yang
Jing-Jing Yang

MS, Operation Management and Human Resource Development, Edinburgh Univ., UK

30 yrs experience in human resources and finance management
Head of Human Resources, BRIM Biotech Inc.
Head of Finance & spokesperson, HHLF Supervisor, Horizon Securities Co., LTD.
AVP & Special Assistant, CDIB Group

Ms. Daphne Jing-Jing Yang has more than 30 years of experience in operation management and human resources. She has served as Sr. manager, spokeman, and supervisor of IPO companies to manage asset growth from 500 M to 2,500 M NTD. She joined JelloX Biotech Inc. to facilitate high efficiency team building and human resource management with professional hands-on experience and unique organization culture, as well as establishment and optimization of finance and accounting systems according to international standard.